Leave a Jewish Legacy

Estate Planning - Leave A Jewish Legacy

You've done so much to create a vibrant Jewish community, but what happens when you're no longer here?  Including the Youngstown Area Jewish Foundation in your estate plans is a meaningful way to ensure your tzedakah serves as a gift to generations to come.  We know your family is top of mind when creating your estate plan, that's why many donors choose to leave a certain percentage to charity instead of committing to a  specific dollar amount.  This way you're ensuring your children and grandchildren's financial security while safeguarding your philanthropic passions at the same time.  This transformational gift can be done simply by adding the following sentence to your will:

"I give to the Youngstown Area Jewish Foundation, a nonprofit organization currently located at 505 Gypsy Lane, Youngstown, OH 44504, [percentage of the estate] for its unrestricted use and purpose."  

This verbiage applies to bequests of specific amounts and/or property. This is just one of many ways you can make a lasting impact here at home.  

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