About US

In 2019, the Youngstown Area Jewish Federation underwent a structural reorganization. One of the main reasons was to protect the donor and investment assets held by the Federation. This reorganization resulted in the creation of the Youngstown Area Jewish Foundation. The Foundation is a separate organization with its own governing board. The Foundation invests and manages all legacy funds and works to ensure that the funds are being used per the donor's stated intent. The Foundation also assists the Federation and its agencies in finding the right funds, outside of campaign allocations, grants, etc. to fulfill current and future needs as determined by the Youngstown Area Jewish Community Board. The Foundation is also tasked with considering terms and management of donations that have yet to come.  

 The Foundation now holds approximately 80 percent of the Federation's financial assets. Our donors work with the Foundation staff and board members to design and manage their gifts. The majority of our donors have made legal agreements with the Federation asking us to manage their funds for generations to come for the Federation and our community, and also the greater Youngstown community, our country and, in many cases, Israel. In fact, of the funds that the Foundation currently manages, 73 percent are donor directed. These funds are not our money to spend, but rather our money to steward and manage in a trusted partnership with our donors and their families.    

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