Scholarship Applications

The Barbara & David Alter Preschool Scholarship Fund

For families with children currently enrolled in the Jewish Community Center of Youngstown’s Early Learning Center.

The Alters want to ensure that hardship for a family, such as job loss or illness or death in the family, doesn’t interfere with their child/children’s continued access to early education.

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Mildred Engel Nurse Scholarship

For individual(s) needing a scholarship to secure an associate or baccalaureate degree in nursing.

Deadline: May 15 

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Sam Kooperman Endowment

For camp scholarships and study in Israel.

Deadline for camp scholarships: Dec. 31

Deadline for study in Israel scholarships: Dec. 31 and June 30

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Lippy Endowment

Assists teens, age 14 and older, in participating in the March of the Living, summer programs in Israel, and Jewish leadership camps/programs.

Deadline: Oct. 26

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For more information, contact:

Lisa Long, Financial Resource Development Director

Youngstown Area Jewish Foundation

505 Gypsy Lane

Youngstown, OH  44504

[email protected]

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